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Below are Table Settings with Black Bears, Deer, Moose, and Fishing themes -- ideal for anyone wanting to decorate in cabin, lodge, or wildlife themes.  Beautiful scenes featuring both adult wild animals and their young are shown in lush forest settings, Autumn foliage, and other appropriate backgrounds.  And to indulge in a little light-hearted fun, check out the bright and cheerful placemats with little green frogs doing gymnastics, a sing-along, and just generally hopping all over the place.  The front fabric is 100% cotton and the back is usually a cotton/polyester solid; with the inside being a polyester fleece.  These are all machine washable and can be put in the dryer; however we do recommend that you treat them gently by spot cleaning whenever possible and/or using a gentle cycle.  That way you can enjoy them much longer.  To return them to their original look after washing, iron with a steam iron (if necessary), stretching as you iron. 
Placemats, Napkins and Coasters in Cabin, Lodge and Wildlife Themes
Autumn scenes of deer and log cabins on placemat, napkin and coasters
Item #265
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Lots of colorful fish of all types are shown against a pebbled background
Item #476
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These placemats feature scenes of moose in the wild
Item #435
Scenes of adult and baby black bears in a lush green forest
Item #429
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Different scenes of Black Bears, both adults and cubs, in woodland settings are shown on these Placemats and Coasters.  Matching Napkins are also available in the print or solid black, as shown.
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Soon to come:  Table Settings in an additional Fishing themed print (#496).  You can view bag holders that show this fabric by going to our Wildlife Bag Holders page.
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Item #603