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Enjoy these Table Linens done in either Dog or Cat themed fabrics and celebrate the love you have for your pet.  Or, you might want to get a set as a gift for someone who loves cats or dogs.  These home accessories coordinate with  other items we provide in these fabrics.  We have Kitchen Aprons, Casserole Carriers, Plastic Bag Holders, Tissue Box Covers, Dish Detergent Bottle Aprons and more.  The Coaster Sets usually show a variety of different scenes from the fabric.  Some people have even bought a placemat to go under their pet's food dish.
Placemats and coasters for either cat or dog lovers
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Scenes of cats and teddy bears amongst Christmas trimmings
Item #468
Item #506
Item #527
Only 8 of these placemats are left, and some bottle aprons
Bottle Aprons

Casserole Carrier

Hot Pads

Kitchen Apron

Plastic Bag Holder 

Tissue Covers

Towels (Hanging)
To get a better look at the pictures below, just click on them individually.  Remember to check our other themes.  There are links to them in the green box at the top of the page.
Many, many different dog breeds are shown on these placemats and coasters
Item #548
A packed picture of charming little kittens are shown in many breeds and colors
Only four placemats left
Adorable puppies of all types on a placemat
Lots and lots of cute kittens in all breeds cover this placemat
Assorted cuddly kittens on a black background
As with all of our products, because the "scene" can vary from one area of the fabric to the other, pictures show a "possible" view of each item.  If you want to be assured of a particular view, please contact us before ordering.
$6.00 Each
Coasters - Set of 4
$6.00 Per Set
Picture soon!
$6.00 Each
Coasters - Set of 4
$6.00 Per Set
Picture soon!