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Neck Coolers help to cool the body without refrigeration.  When activated and tied around the neck, these colorful ties will make you feel cooler immediately.  Look stylish while staying cool.  We have seven pages of colors and styles available to match your outfit or indulge your favorite theme.   Great for joggers, fishermen, golfers, mowing the grass, any outdoor event, and especially helpful with hot flashes.   We've searched and found fabrics in beautiful floral prints from pastels to bright colors, as well as food and drink patterns that include strawberries, apples and coffee beans -- even chili peppers.  The sports themes include football, baseball, basketball, golf and fishing; while we have military ties in camouflage as well as Navy, Marine and Army emblems.  Just click on the pictures below to see all the various themes from which you can choose.  And we even have plain solid colors, if that's your preference.
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Ideal for hot days, exercising, yard work -- even hot flashes
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How the Neck Coolers Work: These attractive neck scarves contain nontoxic granules which absorb water, expand, and turn into a crystalline gel. The scarf absorbs water from the gel and evaporates for a cooling effect.  They will stay cool and moist for days due to the crystals' water-retaining properties.  Place the hydrated Neck Cooler around your neck and tie in the front.  To keep that cool feeling, rotate the tube to a new surface against your skin as needed.  It will remain cool for days as the crystals gradually return to their original condition.  To re-hydrate it, simply soak it again in clean water.  It can be re-hydrated for years. Complete, detailed instructions are included with the Neck Coolers.
All Florals
One of the pretty posies neck coolers, this one in lime green
Beautiful butterflies in a rain forest
A Cool Tie with a delicate ivy design
Fun pictures of brightly-colored flip flops on black
By clicking on the pictures below, you will be able to see a larger version of the picture, as well as the other Neck Coolers that we have in that category.
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Note:  Most often, we sell 1 or 2 of a particular fabric at a time.  If you should need larger quantities of a certain fabric, it would be a good idea to email us about that before ordering - just to be sure we will have the fabric available.
This hydrated neck cooler in a golfing theme will help keep you cool on the links
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