Choose a Bugs, Birds or Butterflies print to carry your next casserole
Casserole carriers are ideal for picnics or pot luck dinners.  Choose from 2 Butterfly prints --  a whimsical print in lime green or a realistic looking design with neutral background colors.  And, you won't mind having bugs at your picnic with our Ladybugs carrier; because they are the cutest little ladybugs you've ever seen.  If you or someone you know collects ladybug accessories, this would be a perfect gift -- to be enjoyed for many years to come. The Birds and Fruits carrier features beautifully lush scenes of fruit tree foliage and cardinals, bluebirds and other birds.  And we now have a new brightly colored cardinals print and a winter chickadees design.  They are all made of 100% cotton, lined with polyester fleece for insulation, have sturdy wooden dowels for handles that remove for laundering, and velcro closures to hold it secure and also hold serving utensils.  Added features are a little ribbon "holder" for you to insert a card with your name, or the name of your dish -- as well as a board tucked into the bottom to support flimsy aluminum dishes that you might use.
Whether you prefer birds, butterflies and dragonflies, or ladybugs; you have six choices for transporting that food dish to your next get together.  If you will click on the individual pictures below, you can see larger views of each one.
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Many butterflies flutter about in this lovely natural-looking foliage scene.
*Note:  Because of variations in the placement of the fabric design, each item will be similar to the photo, but not necessarily identical.
Other Butterflies Home Accessories:
Item # CC-404
Price: $24.00
Whimsical Butterflies
Item # CC-452
Price: $24.00
Birds and Fruits
Item # CC-427
Price: $24.00
Item # CC-450
Price: $24.00
Matching Extender
Item # EXT
Price: $4.00
Multi-colored butterflies and tan and green foliage
Cute little ladybugs on a casserole carrier shown closed and ready to carry away
Fluttering butterflies and posies on a lime green background
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Beautiful scenes of birds and fruits on the trees on a closed casserole carrier
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Basic Features:
-- Besides the two outer fabrics you can see, there is also a layer of fleece in each of the two sections.
-- Removable wooden handles (for laundering ease).
-- Velcro closures hold dish secure & hold utensils.
-- Hidden pocket in bottom (Use it for hot pads, etc.)
-- Ribbon nametag holder is stitched on inner panel to insert a card with your name or the name of your food dish.
-- Will hold oval, round, square, oblong dishes from 1 qt, 1-1/2 qt, 2 qt and even a 9 x 13 pan.  See this page for more info about using larger dishes with our Extenders.
-- We've added a wooden board that is tucked into the pocket area at the bottom, for additional support when carrying flimsy
pans, such as those throw-away aluminum ones.
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Brightly colored cardinals
A wintery casserole carrier with chickadees
Item # CC-582
Price: $24.00
Item # CC-581
Price: $24.00
Butterflies and dragonflies on a casserole carrier in shades of purple, orchid and teal
An inside view of the butterflies casserole carrier
Item # CC-625
Price: $24.00
Casserole carrier features vivid red cardinals with greenery, nuts, pinecones and berries
Item # CC-640
Price: $24.00